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Class Descriptions

Ballet, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe: 

These classes are suitable for students of all ages.  All include ballet instruction based on a combination of Chechetti and Russian techniques.  Students work at the barre, in center floor, and with movement combinations across the floor.  After the age of eleven and with at least one year of training in this studio, students may be evaluated for Pointe class.




Lyrical Jazz/Modern dance: 

These classes are based on a strong foundation in ballet and jazz technique.  Lyrical Jazz is a form of Jazz dance that expresses the lyrics of the music with movement or gives a lyrical interpretation to music through movement.  This type of Jazz follows the balletic line yet opens the possibilities for students to express themselves through movement.  Modern Dance is a contemporary form of dance that veers from the set steps of ballet and allows the dancer to express thought and emotion through movement.  Styles used in this studio follow the patterns of Martha Graham technique and technique developed by Erik Hawkins.  This class is suitable for Jr. high age students through adults with a background in ballet technique and classical jazz technique.




Tap classes are available to students of all ages.   Tap is taught first from  the technique of basic steps and then builds to the advanced movement based on those  steps.  Choreography is presented to learn to connect the steps and develop speed.  Tap theory is included instruction as students learn terminology, rhythm, and different styles and origins of tap.



Dance Team Prep classes: 

These are classes designed to prepare the dancer for school dance team tryouts.  Technique used in area schools are introduced at the beginner level and expanded in the intermediate and advanced classes.  Technique for Pompom, high kick, jazz and basic hip hop are presented.  Turns and leaps that are required for school teams are included in the curriculum. The beginning class is appropriate for students who decide to try out at school but who have never danced.  The intermediate class is designed to help students expand their skills to include double and triple turns, tours and leaps.  These classes are enhanced if the students also train in ballet and jazz in addition to the dance team curriculum.



























































In all styles of dance taught in the studio, technique is stressed.  Students are trained using choreoghraphy.  However,  choreography is used to reinforce the technique taught in each class and level. Learning “routines” is fun, but the permanent value of dance is learning the technique that empowers each dancer to make dance their own expression using movement in their genre of choice.

Preschool Creative Movement: 

Class suitable for ages 3-5 pre-kindergarten age. The curriculum includes basic ballet, basic tap, songs with movement and cross motor skill practice across the floor. The ballet portion of class includes learning the first three positions of the feet, arabesques, tendu, passé’, bourre’ and walking in demi point. Tap includes shuffles, ball change, heels and toes, right and left exercises and moving across the floor.  This is a one hour class per week.


Kinder Class:

Class suitable for ages 4-6 years of age with one or two years of instruction. This class is a transitional class from Preschool to prepare them for a more structured class in the K-2nd grade combo class. This class will review the basics taught in Pre-K and build on their skills as they begin to master gross motor skills and gain confidence in their ability to reach new goals.

K-2nd grades Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo:  Class is suitable for dancers age 5-8 in grades kindergarten-second grade.  The curriculum includes basic ballet, tap and jazz.  The skills in this class build upon the foundation started in preschool dance. The dancers learn to connect the step in choreography and in moving across the floor.


Hip/hop Jazz class: 

This Class is suitable for dancers ages second grade and older.  Jazz is taught in the classic styles of jazz icons such as Bob Fosse, Frank Hatchett, and Gus Giordano.  Modern and Lyrical styles follow the styles of Martha Graham.  The Style of hip hop taught in the studio is classic jazz with variations added for the upbeat style of pop music and hip-hop style music.  Care is taken to keep the class appropriate for these age levels.



Musical Theater Class: 

This class is suitable for students of all ages and the class schedule can be expanded to include more classes of this type. This class curriculum includes movement, dance, voice, acting, and stage presentation.  Students learn about comedy, classic stage expression, serious drama, and terms associated with stage direction.


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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